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Volleyball Practice


Collegiate recruiters are now scouting at the 6th/7th grade levels. As the demand for building Volleyball athletes continues, APX has responded by facilitating a year-around Performance Enhancement program specific for a Volleyball athlete's physiological and psychological competitive development from Middle School-to-High School and to Collegiate levels. 


ACL-MCL-PCL & Shoulder Girdle Injury Prevention work is priority #1 when it comes to female athletes. Daily prescription of this work is vital to the long term on-court success and healthy future for each Volleyball athlete.


Vertical Leap off the 3-4 step approach and zero-step net block are enhanced by building levers through connective functional tissues in neuromuscular hypertrophy stages. This, along with the building of elastic lean body-mass and torso/core strength and power, propels APX female athletes to a higher competitive rank.


For more information or to enroll and register...

Parent, Coach and Athlete Contact:

Shaun Montgomery, Director Catalyst Club

Kayla Mainer - Pro Volleyball Athlete/Coach; Germany

Kari St. Martin-Chavez
Catalyst Coach; 
National Scout
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