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  • Provide student with the opportunity to apply knowledge, skills and experiences in a supervised environment

  • Learn the responsibilities and day to day tasks of a performance coach

  • Gain insight on management and operations of overseeing an athletic facility

  • Fulfill internship credit requirements

  • Mentorship under program design/periodization through a PICP Level 5 Strength Coach



  • Currently a junior or senior standing in a kinesiology, exercise science or related coursework program

  • Desire to help people find joy and passion through a healthy lifestyle

  • Desire to help athletes achieve their goals, short-term and long-term

  • Must be enthusiastic, motivating and driven

  • Experience in competitive sports is a bonus!


(Not having one or more of these does not immediately disqualify applicants)



  • Provide a resume and APX internship application

  • Commit to 2-5xs per week for APX Strength program for duration of internship

  • Must be able to work full length of internship (Quarter or Semester)

  • Learn APX Strength basics program for interns

  • Maintain a professional appearance while working with APX Strength

    • Interns must purchase 3 APX Shirts (APX will not profit from the purchase, they will be bought at wholesale cost from the distributor, $12 each for high quality camohex shirts)

    • Clean and plain athletic sportswear/workout attire (Polos/APX shirts)

    • Avoid “sports team” attire

    • No tank-tops or cut offs

    • Appropriate athletic shoes



Internship opportunities at APX come in both paid and unpaid packages, yet focused on education, job training, and coaching skill development as the #1 priority. 'Paid' internships are only dispersed upon the completion of your 'non-paid' internship status.



To be considered ...

for an Exercise Science, Performance, Wellness and/or Nutrition internship, please download the Internship Application & Program Outline PDF's to apply today!







Email applications - WITH RESUME - for either directly to APX Strength’s internship coordinator...




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