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APX recognizes clean supplementation as an important component of sports nutrition

and reaching maximum levels of performance and recovery. 

​Safe & Effective First; APX & Rivalus.

More professional athletes and high school programs trust RIVALUS.

At RIVALUS our commitment has always been to assist professional and Olympic athletes reach new levels in training and performance, while supporting young male and female athletes in their quest to become great athletes. Our most important responsibility is a set of standards ensuring every product is built to meet the needs of discerning athletes in all major sports. All products are free of banned substances and built in world class facilities.


RIVALUS understands the needs of those who choose competitive sport as their profession. In an industry with questionable legislation, RIVALUS raises the bar for standards and quality far beyond the legal requirement or government regulatory bodies. Many supplement companies have been caught adding ingredients which are banned in professional sports to make their product more powerful and to increase sales without listing these ingredients on the label. RIVALUS creates powerful superfood blends, uses no banned substances and lists every ingredient used in their unique formulas.



Check out the stats for Rivalus Clean Gainer, a post-workout blend of high quality proteins and carbohydrates proven to help athletes gain lean muscle mass! Ingredients include organic quinoa, wild blueberries, rolled oats, coconut and avocado! 

Below are the supplements offered through APX:

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