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APX' Rotational Power Training Program

is known for achieving enhanced performance - via the training facility to the diamond - from the High School to the Collegiate to the MLB ranks. Position players, Pitchers and Hitters all have distinct movements that must be trained that constitute position-specific lever development and rotation. Since each one of these dynamic positions are different in movement, the training modalities and structures to enhance their respective abilities must be prescribed separately. At APX, it is paramount to focus on an athlete's training paradigm to increase symmetry throughout the body. Spinal cord training and Kinetic ground-base rotational movements are essential in achieving this by emphasizing an Eccentric-Based Uni-Lateral Training system. 


This is proven to provide a Baseball athlete with more power through rotation from the torso to the lower trunk. Additional velocity can be induced from the 'bat speed and 'the throwing motion' when a proper 4-12 week program is executed properly. Generic increases in rotational power strength, speed, power, agility, function, flexibility and anaerobic/aerobic energy systems used to promote fitness and VO2 max levels. This decreases the chances of injury; specifically the arm in the elbow and shoulder attachments/joints as well as the rest of the body.


APX' Registered Sports Dietitians are the educators that mold our Baseball Athletes to attain improvements of Lean Body Mass (LBM) gains, decrease in Body Fat percentage and - most importantly - 'Recovery' efforts from training, hitting and throwing. Decreasing inflammation of the specific joints used to throw and hit is of utmost importance for ball players looking to improve performance on a day-in and day-out basis.


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Drew Rassmussen, RHP - Tampa Bay Rays

2021 Starting Pitcher :: 2017 1st Round Pick #31

"I used and trained muscles that I would use in any baseball situation. APX trains me on a mound where they implement functionally explosive movements off of it and do different things creatively that work the body with my position as a pitcher. I've seen my overall strength, especially my lower half and core, go way up and I feel the best I have ever felt on the mound. I was throwing the best I ever have thrown and it has a lot to do what they've done with me since 2009 and into the remainder of my career."

Jeremy Affeldt - San Francisco Giants

'10 '12 '14 World Series Champion

2009 MLB 'Set-up Man-of-the- Year'

"I have noticed a significant improvement in strength, flexibility, and balance in our players since they started working with APX.  Balance is a critical component in baseball and the increased core strength of the players enhances their ability to repeat correct actions. These players will benefit greatly from their work with APX and in turn so will our program. I wish all of our players participated in the program. One other note... I have also seen increased work ethic out of the players. They do not tire easily and are able to remain focused throughout our baseball workouts.

Jeff Simmilink – Club Spokane Dodgers (U17-U18) 

Head Baseball Coach

"I love the stuff that you go from the fast-twitch to all the bands and stuff. The sledgehammers and things make it different are all things you don't get in a normal weightroom."

Steve Ames, RHP - Miami Marlins/LA Dodgers

2009-2015 :: 17th Round Pick '09 :: Current Tampa Bay Rays Scout

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