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Basketball Athlete Development Program 

elicits both strength training and conditioning as its essential/critical parts of the athlete’s program. Emphasizing both of these aspects of training are especially important when training a basketball player. Basketball is a very physically demanding sport. Being strong, explosive, and well conditioned is a prerequisite to becoming a great basketball player. 


APX recognizes that the development of the posterior chain is a key component of improving a basketball player’s performance. Training specific functional thresholds of the calves, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors and lumbar/spinal functions are critical. Elongating those particular areas prevents the risk of injury as that is the focus of all APX athlete training. Utilizing an eccentric-based strength loading system and a unilateral (single-leg) system is needed to maximize performance on the court. Basketball is a sport where often one leg is producing most of the force at any given time, so unilateral work mustn’t be neglected. The hips are the foundation of almost every athlete, but strength and flexibility of the hips are both crucial for a player to be effective. 


APX' Registered Sports Dietitians are the educators that mold our Basketball Athletes to attain improvements of Lean Body Mass (LBM) gains, decrease in Body Fat percentage and - most importantly - 'Recovery' efforts from training on the hard wood and in the facility. Learning how to 'eat like an athlete' will decrease inflammation of the specific joints used to shoot, jump and sprint and is of utmost importance for ball players looking to improve performance on a day-in and day-out basis.


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Drew Carter- Colorado Unversity_JPG.jpg.webp

Drew Carter, Colorado Buffaloes

Leo Sewell - IDA B_ Wells HS.jpg.webp

Leo Sewell, IDA B. Wells High School

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