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'Relative' Strength Quality with NFL Off-Season

When achieving the 'Relative' Strength Quality with NFL Off Season work, make certain the athletes have endured a sound and thorough 6-week Structural Balance & Functional Hypertrophy ‎Phase first.. Trainers-Coaches that instigate high-dynamic hip movements & plyo-metrics without identifying the lever systems and activation points first will always never reach maximal function and strength outputs It's not OK to put even the best athletes through these type of movements without having gone through the appropriate progressions. A1 - Band Neural Drive Scap-Knee Dynamic Clean A2 - Band Hip Ext's A3 - Assisted Broad Jump. INT 3.1 10 x 5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2- (2 ± 1 @ :15 TA) x 2 @ 75-85% IRM

Drew Buchkoski

APX Performance Director


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