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Want a Better Close-Grip Press?

Want a better Bi-Acromial Press (Close Grip Bench)? Add External Rotator and Trap 3 work into your diet of pressing routines and increase gains up to 15-19% in 8-12 weeks. For the ER's, place the elbow into the VMO (Vastus Medialus Oblique) slot, spilt legs at 90 degrees, and pronounce the chest by pressing the opposing hand into the bench for maximal neuromuscular function. For the Trap 3's, place forehead into the bench and strive to pass the elbow joint past the ear, keep the arm flexion straight and increase drive through the forehead if needed. For both exercises, avoid bouncing or hinging other joints that would take away from what is being emphasized. Overcome points in your kinetic chain that take away from your true strength quality. Add intertia, chain and band work at the correct training phase to increase neural drive at 'sticking points' through the press.

APX Performance Director Drew Buchkoski

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