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Janell Buchkoski


MS Nutrition & Exercise Physiology

Washington State University

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist


Licensed in: FL, GA, WA

Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietitics



Director of Nutrition & Wellness for Human Performance  

Janell is the Founder and Director of APX Performance and Wellness Clinic, where she takes a functional nutrition, full body systems approach to health and performance. Janell does this by targeting and healing the root cause of any sign or symptom that prevents the client from performing and feeling their best both on an off the field. Genetics, issues with digestive health, and inflammation are all factors that could affect a persons overall health and performance. Janell is passionate about developing personalized lifestyle plans that encompass a holisitc approach to nutrition, sleep hygiene and stress management to help manage these factors. She believes that helping each client discover their 'Inspiring Factor' is key in achieving and maintaining optimal performance and health goals. 


Janell is from Ellensburg, WA where she grew up playing soccer and competing in rodeos. She got her start in nutrition at Washington State University, where she received her Masters in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology to become a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. Janell then pursued her passion in sports nutrition, where she founded the APX Performance and Wellness Clinic and started providing individual and group nutrition consults for athletes at the youth, collegiate, and professional levels. Janell went on to contract with major insurance companies in order to provide functional nutrition consults and classes to clients referred by Naturopaths and Doctors throughout Washington. 

Janell then recieved an opportunity to work as a Dietitian for Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, where she provided comprehensive medical nutriton therapy in an acute in-patient and out-patient setting, specializing in gastrointestinal oncology. Janell would prescribe customized diets catered to each patient's specific diagnosis, side effects, budget, and support system. Janell served as the head dietitian for the Tumor Board Treatment Team for patients on clinical trials. 


Janell went on to pursue a career as the head Dietitian at Florida State University. She was the coordinator and lead dietitian for the FSU outpatient eating disorder clinic, where she collaborated with therapists and clinicians at FSU to provide nutrition therapy consults to students with eating disorders. Janell also worked with the director of sports nutrition to provide performance nutrition clinics and consults for all athletes at FSU. Janell enjoyed hosting hands-on cooking demonstrations and leading nutrition presentations to various organizations across campus.  


Janell is providing performance and functional nutrition consults for athletes and clients via in-person and telehealth platforms. Janell is contracted with most major insurance companies, and is licensed in Florida, Georgia, and Washington. She also provides nutrition clinics to organizations and teams across the country through in-person sessions and virtual platforms. 

Honors & Volunteer Opportunities

  • In her free time, Janell volunteers at therapeutic riding centers, where she helps provide horse-related activities to individuals with special needs in order to strengthen their physical bodies, enhance proprioception, build self-esteem, gain a sense of independence, and learn new skills. 

  • Janell authored the Innovative Idea grant that funds the initiative to prevent on-campus food insecurity at FSU's Food Pantry, a program that provides additional food resources and fresh produce from local farm to students at FSU

  • Janell helped to create a Farm-to-Table and Farm-to-School program in Spokane, WA, where she helped elementary students and families gain access to healthy, local foods through building school gardens, leading cooking lessons, and hosting farm field trips

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