We recognize the difficulties clients and programs can face with hectic life schedules and committing to traditional performance training programs. It is our professional goal to provide optimal training not only to those physically within our facility, but clientele across the nation and beyond. With the rise in popularity utilizing cell-phones, tablets, and lighter-than-air laptops, it only makes sense that the future of fitness and performance training is headed towards an online market. This provides APX the perfect platform to expose the proven methods that has branded the results from optimal training program design for over a decade.


Our well-crafted 'Online Training Program' is tailor made toward you and your athletic, fitness and/or training needs. APX's Performance Director, Drew Buchkoski, is a PICP Level 5 Master Strength Coach (1-of-27 in the world), and will work personally with any individual, athlete, coach, trainer or fitness enthusiast to reach and surpass their goals in pursuit of optimal Performance Enhancement.


This program is an incredible opportunity for individuals, trainees and strength coaches/trainers who physically cannot make it into our training facility, as well as gives those with hectic and demanding schedules the convenience and flexibility to train on their own time. For these clients and program, our program is the perfect fit. The program will be offered in four varying phases throughout an 8-16 week paradigm that incorporates a model consisting of Structural Balance, Strength Endurance, Functional Hypertrophy and Relative Strength qualities to achieve Optimal results. 

The most valuable thing in life is time. Its irreplaceable. Drive results today. That's what we're here to do.


The program is the unique in nature, as it couples Facetime sessions with Email Programming specific to you and/or your programs Strength & Conditioning/Performance needs. For more information, please dive into the brochure provided. Pricing structure, costs vary dramatically per program, coach, trainee or client - so we encourage a phone call or email to discuss a plan that can fit the needs of your budget immediately. 

Be Optimal. Destroy All. 

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