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Eric Davis

Hanford High School Athletic Director

"APX helped us establish a higher level of energy and enthusiasm in the weightroom. They have given our athletes a greater sense of urgency and competitive spirit all while improving flexibility, strength and overall athleticism. At Hanford, every team including dance, cheerleading and students who don't participate in sports see major benefits from the APX program that is implemented into our Physical Education classes. The culture of health and fitness has greatly improved since bring the APX team on."

Rich Black

Lake Roosevelt Athletic Director

"The APX fitness system has exceeded our expectations. It has positively impacted the fitness and attitude of our student population. Although difficult to quantify, we believe it has also helped improve the scholastic performance of our students. What can be quantified is the overall improvement in fitness for our student body--both Varsity athletes and non-sports-involved students. There has been a quantifiable improvement in the fitness of our students.


Probably the most impressive indicator of the success of the program is the number of students that are voluntarily participating in workouts during off-school hours. We are averaging 40 students per day in before-school workouts. For a relatively small school this represents roughly twenty percent of the student population that is regularly attending workouts. This commitment to fitness is unheard of in this school culture, and is testimony to the value of the program, but even more to the people responsible for running the program. Our local instructors, Loren Endsley and Cassie Wendt are doing an outstanding job of promoting and managing the APX system here at LRHS."

Nick Mullen

Head Football Coach & Athletic Director

"High School Athletics has gone beyond the traditional bench, squat, clean routine. We have now moved to Performance Enhancement and developing the overall athlete. APX helps push this development. They train the entire aspects of athletics. Their focus on nutrition and injury prevention is like none I have seen before. I truly believe that if the athletes and the coaches buy into the program you will see the benefits within the first month. You will also see a tighter TEAM and Athletic Community. Once the athletes feel the benefits the journey, the GRIND becomes an amazing daily feeling."










Andy Meyer

Hudson's Bay Athletic Director

"APX has transformed the Hudson's Bay Athletic Department!  Our student athletes have shown strength, speed and flexibility gains.  I believe this has lessened injuries and played a significant role in advancing our athletic programs in terms of competitive play.  In addition, APX has helped us increase participation, develop camaraderie between programs and change the mindset of athletes and coaches.  I couldn't imagine a greater investment for our athletic department."










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