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"Where I plan on seeing the results of this training most is in our longer three-day tournaments. The girls will have to be competing three days in a row sometimes in various parts of the country at different elevations an such. The endurance that these girls are getting (at APX) are going to allow them to compete as strong on the third day as they did on the first."


Shaun Montgomery, Director Catalyst Club

"APX is a game changer in my opinion. If I had this growing up I would have excelled even further at the Collegiate and Pro ranks. It's not just given to you anymore, every rep counts and every training session is a building block to one more level a Volleyball athlete should be looking to achieve. This is what defines APX and what they can do for these girls and their programs."


Kayla Mainer - Pro Volleyball Athlete/Coach; Germany





Collegiate recruiters are now scouting at the 6th/7th grade levels. As the demand for building Volleyball athletes continues, APX has responded by facilitating a year-around Performance Enhancement program specific for a Volleyball athlete's physiological and psychological competitive development from Middle School-to-High School and to Collegiate levels.


ACL-MCL-PCL & Shoulder Girdle Injury Prevention work is priority #1 when it comes to female athletes. Daily prescription of this work is vital to the long term on-court success and healthy future for each Volleyball athlete.


Vertical Leap off the 3-4 step approach and zero-step net block are enhanced by building levers through connective functional tissues in neuromuscular hypertrophy stages. This, along with the building of elastic lean body-mass and torso/core strength and power, propels APX female athletes to a higher competitive rank.


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"I have coached Club Volleyball for 20 years and coached at the College level for 8 years. APX has been profoundly better than anything I've seen during that time. The stamina my teams accrue throughout the training is higly noticable during our 3-day tournaments. Other coaches from other teams notice the difference and have had no problem telling me before and after we play them. Having them train my team takes a huge work-load off my back and allows me to focus on the coaching, strategizing and recruiting of my teams. My entire team will be going on and playing at the Collegiate level next year; they have a huge advantage heading into their freshman years because of what APX has done with them."


Kari St. Martin-Chavez

Catalyst Coach;

National Scout

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