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Chapter 1:

APX Philosophy & Technical Concepts

The APX philosophy constitutes 10 concrete components:


1.) There is a difference between 'great' and 'optimal' performance training. We are an 'optimal' outfitter of training application. We remain steadfast in the scientifically established Poliquin Performance Principles, and all of its worldwide Strength Training & Performance Coaches within its network. The word 'OPTIMAL' is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "best; most effective" - there in itself is what separates this training system over others in the industry. Each component of the program has been researched and proven to be considered the most 'optimal' way of training by some of the most notable Exercise Physiologists in the world. Rest, reps, sets, tempos, exercise selection, energy system selection, length of workout and strength quality are all equally applied optimally. The United States, Canadian, European and Russian Olympic Training Centers embody these same qualities, we follow suit to put out the strongest, fastest and most functional trainees from youth to professional.


2.) Monotony is death in exercise training. Monotony is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dicitonary as "a lack of change that makes something boring". Your trainees' program is as good as your energy to motivate, coach and effectively prescribe exercise that challeneges the brain - just as much as it does the body. If attendence drops, it's your fault as a trainer/coach.


3.) Science means nothing without Accountability. This feeds off factor #2, but if you choose to befriend or create a social setting for your trainees then you've failed every role you should by serving them. You are there to provide a service and/or coaching session. That's it, nothing more. The minute social boundries are crossed in or outside of the training enviornment, the training/coaching relationship will have been compromised. The authority of the desired results you hope to attain with this kind of science goes out the door. You will lose any training affect, as well as participation.

4.) Passion equates to Winning.

The biggest factor we want our programs and clients to feel is that we more passionate than any other resource they could find. Enforce and create a culture that 'wins' and is open for all who want to achieve results in an infectious positive enviornment. Head Carolina Panthers STC coach Joe Kenn, who has a decorated career in this industry, was quoted in 2005 and again in 2015 by saying this quote... Take this to heart. We do. Amen Joe!

"Believe in your system. Believe in a proven system that accepts all the best of the training modalities throughout the world; and not just this country. And once you believe in it, be passionate to deliver it. Because if you're trainees are failing. You're out of a job".

5.) More frequency the better. We evoke our programs and trainees to train and develop their bodies 260-300 days-per-year to attain maximal growth and desired training output. Charles Poliquin writes:


    "If you can afford dedicating the time, I believe that training twice a day for the same body part (if you can afford the training time) is the system that works best. The morning workout facilitates the evening workout. Then again, I make the individual train that body part 5 days later. The trainee will train 3 days out of five, twice a day for 10 days, then go on to once a day for 5 days."


In summary, APX adopts the approach that more frequency for the development of the human body the better. We've seen all of our programs and trainees benefit by maximizing their time and presenting an annual 12-month mesocycle in their program design.

6.) Every second of every rep counts. Under the APX system, every second of every rep of every set is accounted for and there are no substituitions. Once the training session begins, it has an automatic timer that starts in which you attribute the total amount of reps, sets, tempos and rest intervals that can predict the exact time the workout is completed. We will review how to calculate both the low and high end times on the day of your Certification. Tempo counts, rest periods and the volume of work cannot be manipulated without guidance from an APX Tier 2 certified coach. If any of those parameters are manipulated, one risks the desired 'training affect' that you intend your population to exhibit.


7.) APX identifies four Strength Qualities. We wil go into more detail with these aspects in Chapter 4.

  1. Relative - Trainees who require emphasis on total body kinetic power for sport. (Gymnasts, fighters, boxers, ect.)

  2. Functional - Trainees who require high amounts of functional strength. (Basketball, softball, sprinters, ect.)

  3. Hypertrophy - Trainees who need large amounts of neuromuscular mass. (Football lineman, bodybuilders, ect.)

  4. Endurance - Trainees who need the long-term endurance approach for thier sport/activity. (Rowers, runners, skiiers, ect.


8.) Accumulation & Intensification Phases are conducted in every program design. The body adjusts to what prescription of exercise or activity it is dealt with quickly. Thus, the body needs drastic change in the exercise periodization for 'optimal' growth and performance. Accumulation is a training phase where the main stressor is volume. Intensification is a training phase where the main stressor is intensity. In sport, one of these training phases might be considered Intensification for one while its considered Accumulation for another. We will get more in-depth with this in the following chapters.


9.) Nutrition & Supplementation are essential for the program's success. Your trainee or populations of trainees should be required to be on a suggested meal plan for their desired body weight, body mass ratio and training goals. Training under this system places vigorous demands on the body in which the neuromuscular, muscular and aerobic/anaerobic energy systems are being taxed heavily at various points throughout either an Intensification or Accumulation phase within their respective programming. Without proper Nutritional & Supplementation prescription, the training efforts are minimized and - in some cases - futile. We recommend the RIVALUS product line for all of our populations of trainees and wholistic nutritional plans for everything else. You are what you eat is cliche' but true. Gains are made during recovery and regeneration. Gains are not made during the training session, a misunderstood aspect of Performance training at times.


10.) Instruct & Coach every minute of the session. There is always something that your trainee and/or population can benefit from your oversight. Stay active, move around and position yourself accordingly to keep integrated with your training audience. Your energy alone can infect everything and everyone around it, especially the training affect that is desired. If you consider yourself an APX Certified Coach, then you believe the motivation you are providing helps dictate the greatest energy output from your trainees. If their energy level rises from you, so will their selection of higher resistance and enhanced functional movement. This is a key aspect within our philosophical training approach. When you are done coaching or training, your trainee(s) should be left with a feeling of betterment and accomplishment.

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