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All Sports - All Athletes - Boys & Girls

::: Sport-Specific Performance Program :::


Listed below details a chronological history of the high schools, clubs and sports programs that have recognized and implemented APX’ Training methodologies for their boys & girls athletic programs, as well as within their respective physical education programming.                 


School/Team                                                                    Accolades/Program


                   Timberline High School Football                                 ’17 & '18 Final 4; Football State Playoffs

                    Wenatchee High School Football                                    '19 Columbia Basin Champs & State Playoffs

                   Eastlake High School                                                               All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Pullman High School Athletics                                                 All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Milton-Freewater High School                                                  All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Fusion Volleyball Club                                                                      All Teams

                   West Valley High School Athletics                               ’09 Football State Championship (2nd)

                   WF West High School Athletics                                                  All Sports Boys & Girls

                   DeSales Catholic High School Athletics                                     All Sports Boys & Girls

                   College Place High School Athletics                                                All Boys Sports

                   Hanford High School Athletics                                                    All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Adna High School Athletics                                                        All Sports Boys & Girls

                   River Ridge High School Athletics                                                        Football

                   Centrailia High School Athletics                                                 All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Skyview  High School Athletics                                    ’11 Football State Championship (2nd)

                                                                                                            ’12 Baseball State Champions

                                                                                                     ’13 Girls Basketball League Champions

                   Prarie High School Athletics                                ‘11 Football (1st Playoff Appearance in 14 years)

                   Chisago Lakes High School Athletics                      ’12/’13/’14 Minnesota State Football Playoffs

                   University High School Athletics                                       ‘12 Football State Semi Finalist

                   Chiawana High School Athletics                                       ’13 Football State Champions 

                                                                                               '14 Football State Championships (Runner Up)

                   Freeman High School Athletics                                      ‘13 Football State Champions (14-0)

                                                                                                          '14-'15 Wrestling State Champions

                   Woodland High School Athletics                                             All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Ephrata High School Athletics                                                All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Hockinson High School Athletics                                  ‘14 Football State Quarter Finalist / '17 State         

                   Moses Lake High School Athletics                                        All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Reardan High School Athletics                                              All Sports Boys & Girls

                   La Center High School Athletics                                           All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Ferris High School Athletics                                                  All Sports Boys & Girls                                                                                                                                        ‘07 & ‘08 Football State Semi Finalist

                                                                                                 ’07 & ’08 Boys Basketball State Champions

                                                                                                       ’09 Football State Championship (2nd)

                                                                                                       ’10 Football State Champion (14-0)

                                                                                                  '07 '08 '09 '10 '11 '13 GSL Football Champs

                   East Valley High School Athletics                                        All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Royal High School Athletics                                       '15 & '16 & '17 Football State Champions

                   Clark County Youth Football (CCYF)                                               All Teams

                   Newport High School Athletics                                                All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Club Spokane Dodgers Baseball                                               All Boys Teams

                   Vancouver Cardinals Baseball                                                   All Boys Teams

                   FC Spokane Club Soccer                                                      All Teams Boys & Girls

                   Hudson’s Bay Athletics                                                          All Sports Boys & Girls

                   Club Catalyst Volleyball                                                       All Girls Teams (12s-19s)

                   Summit High School Athletics                                          2015 Football State Champions

                   All-Star Basketball Academy                                                  All Teams Boys & Girls