APX' Basketball Training Program ellicits both strength training and conditioning as its essential/critical parts of the athlete’s program. Emphasizing both of these aspects of training are especially important when training a basketball player. Basketball is a very physically demanding sport. Being strong, explosive, and well conditioned is a prerequisite to becoming a great basketball player.


APX recognizes that the development of the posterior chain is a key component of improving a basketball player’s performance. Training specific functional thresholds of the calves, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors and lumbar/spinal functions are critical. Elongating those particular areas prevents the risk of injury as that is the focus of all APX athlete training. Utilizing an eccentric-based strength loading system and a unilateral (single-leg) system is needed to maximize performance on the court. Basketball is a sport where often one leg is producing most of the force at any given time, so unilateral work mustn’t be neglected. The hips are the foundation of almost every athlete, but strength and flexibility of the hips are both crucial for a player to be effective.


APX' Registered Sports Dietitians are the educators that mold our Basketball Athletes to attain improvements of Lean Body Mass (LBM) gains, decrease in Body Fat percentage and - most importantly - 'Recovery' efforts from training on the hard wood and in the facility. Learning how to 'eat like an athlete' will decrease inflamation of the specific joints used to shoot, jump and sprint and is of utmost importance for ball players looking to improve performance on a day-in and day-out basis.


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Dan Dickau

28th Overall Pick

2002 NBA Draft Class

6-Year NBA Career

Gonzaga University


1st Team All-America

"When it comes to preparing for the NBA, College, AAU or the High School levels I can't think of one thing that's more important than getting your body and mind prepared for the physical and mental challenges that you will be faced with every season. APX fuses all of that to develop your basketball skill-set significantly further. It worked for me, and I've seen it work for so many other indivudual players and programs." 

"There is no question that our athletes have become more explosive and stronger with the APX program. The knowledge and commitment Brad Packer and his staff at APX have given to both my teams at Union HS and now at George Fox University is invaluable.  It's also created a culture of hard work and commodore, which are critical factors to a teams success. APX is the best in the business in my opinion!"

Maco Hamilton
Head Men's Basketball Coach
George Fox University 

APX product Featured on bottom:

Chris Sarbaugh (SG/PG) - San Diego Univ. Toreros West Coast Conference match-up in a 2015 game versus the BYU Cougars. Sarabugh was the starting Gaurd for the 2010-11 Gonzaga Prep team that won the WIAA 4A Basketball State Championship.

"Working with APX has given our players the advantage of the combination of performance and skills training. It has made us a complete basketball player development program. APX works and challenges everyone from elementary school to the pros. The training has helped our basketball players prevent injuries, explode quicker, run faster, jump higher, and because of the added strength we have become more physical on the court.  Most importantly, the players leave with more confidence. The APX staff is encouraging, passionate, and they push every player to their max in a special way. They get you results. Period."


Matt Conboy

Pure Advantage Basketball

Program Director

 "The APX program has been integral to the growth of the Skyview Basketball Program. The APX coaches care about the success and growth of our athletes from a strength and basketball perspective. It's great to be able to coordinate the needs of our athletes on the court with the APX coaching staff. Together, we all have them work on it in the weight room and become better prepared every season."



Matt Gruhler

Head Basketball Coach

Skyview High School