Joe Dahl, Guard

Detroit Lions

2016 NFL Draft 5th Rd #151

2015 1st Team All Pac-12


Drew Rassmussen, RHP

Tampa Bay Rays

2017 1st Round Pick #31

2016 All Pac-12 Selection 

Alexandre' Carrier, D

Nashville Predators

2015 NHL Draft 4th Rd #115

2013 Team Canada

Jeremy Affeldt, LHP

San Francisco Giants

'3X World Series Champ

'Set-up-Man of the Year'


Tyler Johnson, Center

Tampa Bay Lightning

2014 NHL All-Rookie Team

2015 NHL All-Star Team

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  • PRO, COLLEGE & HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE TRAINING, recovery and regeneration programs are key services provided by APX to Coaches, Parents and Agencies who are searching for optimal performance within their respective sport. 

  • NUTRITION & DIETETICS services for all athlete populations from a Board Certified Registered Sports Dietitian, including 'Meal Planning Programming' specifically for position, size, height and weight of your sport.

  • EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS; Certifications for APX methods and programming to teachers, coaches and trainers to utilize within their School, Program, Group, Team or Individual Trainees by learning the most optimal forms of exercise for particular populations. Attaining the knowledge of selecting optimal exercises and training structures - by executing proper set, rep, tempo and rest time phases through the correct strength quality.

  • APX 365; WE TRAVEL TO YOU. One of the only performance outfits in the country that will travel to any School, Gym or Performance Training Facility to provide clinics, certifications, programming and the APX 365 model throughout the calendar year.

  • PHILOSOPHY & BACKGROUND of how, who and where APX has utilized its Exercise Science through safe, functional and corrective Intensification & Accumulation Training protocols. Professional, Collegiate & High School athletes and programs--in both various Male and Female sports--as well as Physical Education curriculums. 

APX Strength and Speed Programs are based purely upon the most current Exercise Science research through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CCSSa), the Poliquin Performance Institute (PICP), as well as the education and learned experiences of respected Human Performance specialists.


The current methodologies and sciences of Western Speed and Agility Development, along with combined strength training concepts via Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Strongman, American Bodybuilding, German Volume Training, Yoga, Pilates, Sport-Specific Plyometric Training, Aquatics, and Cardiovascular (VO2 Max) enhancement are implemented. These proven training methods and cultures have improved athletes’ performance for decades, and been endorsed by world-class professional/collegiate performance coaches and programs worldwide.


The science of Strength and Conditioning through Performance Enhancement has changed dramatically since the 80s, 90s and early-to-mid 2000s. Program Design efforts have been so enhanced in today's Strength and Conditioning concepts, that performance records within every male and female sport continue to be broke on an annual basis. The correct program instituted is the direct result of the 'New' athlete. This program will enhance and transform your mental and physical worlds of athlete preparation through strength, speed, agility, quickness, endurance, stamina, flexibility, and sport-specific functionality. Above all, your mind and outlook of success will entirely be re-shaped, providing you with the best opportunity to reach your maximal athletic output.

The APX Sport-Specific Performance Enhancement Training Program has many dynamics that surround its proven success. It is of great importance that each athlete and program must fully understand the approach that they must take both mentally and physically.


Before beginning a respective in/off-season sport and position-specific Performance Enhancement program. Regardless of your athletic rank (Pro, College, High School, et.), physically we are all created with different athletic abilities and some of us are gifted genetically with more Type-IIA Fast Twitch muscle fibers when we are born. This depicts a greater ability to move more “athletic” at much higher levels with motor neuron patterns that can dictate greater amounts of strength, power and speed.


However, the mental aspect of discipline and dedication of what each athlete does outside their sport should consist of a level playing field. Although you and your program will be exposed to a higher level of rigorous training, nothing will help you more than a strong-willed mindset and raw determination to take your athletic ability to the next level.